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Texas Adventures with Hal and Peño Blog

Born in the scorching heat of south Texas, from the moment they fell off the pepper plant, these two Pepper Friends grew up together as best friends and never looked back.

 Follow Hal and Peño as they travel across Texas looking to the Piney Woods, the Gulf of Mexico and the Hill Country for adventure and fun like only two spicy Texans can.

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Hal and Peño The Beginning

Where to start with these peppers and their grand adventures through the beauty of Texas?  I guess we start at the way back, the beginning.

The crows of autumn fly over head, singing their song of fall and impeding winter, when one little bird stops in a garden for a rest. He doesn't know it, but on his raven colored feathers are seeds from Mrs. Fromme's mystical pepper farm in Goliad. He has traveled over five hours away (as the crow flies) to Huntsville and as he shakes himself before returning to his flock, the seeds fall to the ground.

For all that winter, the seeds huddle down into the ground to stay warm. One pepper seed has been bent and looks like it might not make it to the spring, but the littlest  seed has shifted in the dirt.  It lays over the bent seed, protecting it from the frost.

In the early spring, when the Texas heat breaks through, the seeds start to move.  They start growing, winding their stocks around each other, until the day one little green pepper and one little red pepper emerge.  They are surrounded by other peppers, but these two are special.  Opening their eyes, they stretch.  Hal and Peño are awake.

Peño, the little green one, hops off his plant first.  After dusting himself off, he reaches up for Hal, the bigger red pepper, and helps him down.  Hal is ready to run off and start his adventures, but will have to rely on the help of Peño. Even though Hal doesn't see it, Peño knows he will have to help his friend for many things.  For you see, Hal cannot.